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tout à fait dans ta tête!

∞ poster of a girl

suis une rebelle abandonnée sans cause, une femme
3 May

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7-11, almonds, am sex, amour éternel, argyle socks, autumn, baby magic, baby snuggles, bargain shopping, baseball, bloomers, blue, board games, boxes, brain power, brandon christopher walthall, bras, bubble baths, buttons, candle holders, children, christmas, chuck taylors, cigarettes, civil disobedience, coffee, collages, coloring, constant cravings, crushes, cuddling, cute socks, cute/sexy shoes, dallas, dallas stars, decorating, desire is poison, dirty boys, dollar stores, dopey, dorks, dressing up, eeyore, egg nog, emeralds, entwined fingers, evan nash walthall, faeries, film, flurry skirts, friends, funky pencils, fury, fuzzy blankets, geeks, gel pens, getting out of town, glitter, glue sticks, gone with the wind, halloween, hayden addock gunther, hearts, hockey, interesting boxes, izone pics, jacuzzis, keychains, kisses, la lune, late night phone calls, les étoiles, lifelong romance, lightning, lightning storms, lipstick lesbanins, logic puzzles, lotion, mail, making art, making bracelets, making-out in the rain, manicures, massages, midnight whispers, mommyhood, my mom, nail polish, naps, necklaces, nyc, one glance, orchids, panties, parlez français, pedicures, photobooths, picture frames, pregnancy, prow prows, rainy days, random road trips, reading, rings, rubber stamping, rubies, salty food, sangria, sapphires, secret rendezvous, secrets, sharpies, shoes, shopping, silver jewelry, sleeping in, slipper socks, snowflakes, snuggling, socks, soft cozy hoodies, soul chemistry, spontaneous romance, spring, stationary, stickers, sting rays, stripey socks, surprises, swimming, swinging, tandy leather, tattoos, texas mother fucker, the soundtrack of me, theatre, toe rings, toe socks, tom robbins, traveling, tube socks, union of the soul, whip cream, window seats with cushions, writing, yankee accents,